“You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.” – My thoughts for the Wall Street Journal

Sometimes it takes a bystander on a London Underground station to sum up what many scholars and experts have been trying to say for years.

“You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.”

These are the words a man shouted at the attacker during Saturday’s stabbing at Leytonstone station on the 5th December.

It was such a powerful statement that even the Prime Minister acknowledged it as capturing the feeling of the situation.

So who are these people who claim to be carrying out attacks in the name of Islam? Are they Muslim or are they very different sorts of people? Criminals? Loners? What actually is there motivation for carrying out terror attacks and what do we do about it? By using the term Islamic State are we misleading people and missing some of the important facts about what is really going on?

In this article I penned for the Wall Street Journal Europe I’ve put my thoughts.

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