Why we must look at the facts in Poland

Situation in Poland – Lets look at the facts

Thank you for all your messages and emails regarding my speech on Poland yesterday in the European Parliament. I know there has been a lot of discussion in Brussels about the current state of politics in Poland but I think we have to be very careful before we start making accusations.

The European Commission has decided to launch a ‘Rule of Law’ investigation into the new Law and Justice Party (PrawoiSprawiedliwość @pisorgpl) government elected in October last year.

I believe that any enquiry should be given a chance to do it’s work but I find some MEPs chomping at the bit to lay into the new Polish administration.

I have spoken to to the Polish Prime Minister, to Ministers and MEP’s and I believe that many in the European Parliament are being too quick to judge and frankly at times hypocritical. We must look at the facts before making claims.

The debate took part in the presence of Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

To see my speech in full, you can either read it here


….see the video here..


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