In my letter to newspapers across London this week, I argue for the need for more free wifi networks across city.


Dear Sir,

I am delighted to see that free wifi zones, covering larger areas, are becoming a reality in parts of London and the country.

In the latest development, The City of London has announced a deal which will see free, superfast wifi available to anyone within the square mile. This is great news but needs to happen in many more areas.

A modern 21st century economy relies on fast and reliable communication. Sadly, while the traditional mobile data system is good in some parts of London, it is still too patchy or too slow in many other important areas. This new approach sees a web of tiny antennae, spread across an area, creating a whole zone of reliable coverage at super fast speeds.  This solves the problem of buildings and other obstacles reducing the signal.

I had discussions a few years ago about encouraging enterprise zones across our city to offer the same. Business follows good infrastructure, not only on public transport in areas where people can access the internet whether they are in the cafe or the office.

If we want London to be at the forefront of the world’s leading cities then we would do well to roll out more, wider areas of WiFi coverage.


Syed Kamall

MEP for London

Leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group


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