Global and local coverage of our “Game of Unity” in Molenbeek

I can`t thank the media enough for their coverage of our “Game of Unity” in Molenbeek a few weeks ago where we brought two anti-radicalisation football teams together to show to the extremists that sport and working together will always be more powerful than their divisive ideology.

We had media organisations from across the globe covering the event. To find out more about what happened, see below.

Sorry we couldn`t include all the coverage below. To see the excellent ITV London report on the day, click one of the images below or click here.

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Some more background on the team

The TUFF project symbolises unity, respect, tolerance and teamwork.

This incredible and pioneering initiative set up by the Unity of Faiths Foundation, uses football to combat the lures of extremism among young people.

Last week, myself and the team travelled to Molenbeek, sadly the home to some of the Paris and Brussels bombers, to play a very special football match against a similar Belgian team called Project foot.

We may have narrowly lost 2-1 against our Belgian opponents but this football match has a much deeper meaning, showing how sport can overcome terror. Sport really can be used as a weapon against the terrorists as it turn youngsters away from radicalisation and shows what is possible when you would together with other backgrounds and faiths.

Since it was founded a little over a year ago, set up by charity leaders Dr Shamender Talwar and Anna Prior, it has reached unprecedented global attention from its West London roots. It was announced before the match that the team would meet the Prime Minister David Cameron and go on to Washington DC later this year, to play in front of President Barack Obama.

I’ve only written a snapshot of what TUFF FC is all about and the incredible events of last week, there is so much more detail in the links below which send out the powerful message that sport can overcome hate.


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