Honour based violence has nothing to do with honour as I wrote in the Huffington Post this week.

The term annoys me. I abhor it in fact.

The problem is every time the word “honour” is used we view the victim through the eyes of their attacker.

From the attackers point of view they use the word as an excuse for their actions and by association, when we call it an “honour crime”, we help to reinforce that.

It was recently revealed that children younger than 10 are among the victims. The number of cases is rising in London and I can only wonder how many of these cases still remain hidden.

There is too little protection, too few prosecutions and frankly, too much stigma.

In my article which you can find the link to below, I explain more about my concerns.

Link: – Huffington Post – Syed Kamall

Victims or those who suspect abuse can call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They can also download the Freedom Charity App or call its hotline on 0845 607 0133.

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