The Hidden Tech Report

Tech is a huge success story across the continent of Europe.

Outside of Silicon Valley in the United States, London, Berlin and Paris lead the world in tech but
the developing world is catching up. It is therefore important that as European Union legislators we
look in detail at the problems facing tech innovation and development and then see what role we can
play in helping to fix them to ensure we stay ahead.

It’s very easy to think that tech is only about headline-making companies like Facebook and Google
but a lot of tech doesn’t gain the same publicity. It’s vital that we understand this lesser known, even
“hidden” sector because it’s here that some of the most important innovation is happening.

The problem comes in that because it’s so unknown there is little information quickly available. It’s
for this reason that I decided to commission a report.

What I asked for was research into a series of companies who are potentially changing our world
without us hearing about them. I asked if there is anything EU legislators or national governments
could be doing to encourage innovation and to address any concerns.

Syed Kamall, MEP

You can see a full copy of the report here FINAL – Hidden Tech Report



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