This morning I spoke to Julia Hartley Brewer on Talk Radio about the court case surrounding Article 50. Julia was having a debate about whether the legal challenge as to whether the government could invoke Article 50 or whether Parliament was the only body able to do that, was democratic or not?

In my opinion, the will of the British people was very clear. On June 23rd the referendum produced a leave vote.

I told TalkRadio listeners that I am relaxed about the court case because I don’t believe it will stop the process and when we look back, we will just see it as part of what needed to happen as the issues were debated.

We discussed the question of whether wealthy people are using their money to try to derail Brexit and the invoking of Article 50. I understand the concerns of this but just as Remainers who want to derail the process can’t be allowed to stop Brexit, Brexiters also need to respect the rule of law. Whatever the conclusion of the courts, I am confident that we will still leave though. The British people have spoken.

I have also spoken to many MP’s on this issue since June. They voted for the referendum because they wanted to allow the British people to make the decision; the decision was made and now none of them would want to go against constituents opinions and therefore I do not see any halt to the triggering of Article 50 early next year.

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