My latest local letter to newspapers across London is all about Halloween and making sure youngsters in particular stay safe.


Dear Sir or Madam,

As Halloween approaches, children and fun-loving grown-ups all over London are looking forward to the custom of taking to the street for the custom of “trick or treating”

While most of this is harmless fun, Canadian child welfare experts have some useful advice to parents who might be worried about their children taking part.

They advise that younger children should not go trick-or-treating without a responsible adult, while older children going out with no adult would be safer in groups of three or more, and should take a torch and phone. An agreed route and end time would also add to parents’ peace of mind.

There are also tips on how to dress which as avoiding fancy dress made of flammable materials (for obvious reasons) and not wearing badly designed masks which might obscure vision when crossing busy roads.

By observing a few simple precautions we can make sure adults and children alike stay safe and enjoy this Halloween custom.

Further tips can be found at:

Syed Kamall, MEP for London
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