Stay safe this Christmas

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Stay safe this Christmas

In my letter to newspapers across London this week I wanted to give people a little reminder to stay safe this festive period.

It’s obviously a wonderful time of year but people still have accidents associated with the season so I don’t want you to become one of those statistics.

I hope this helps to keep you safe.


Dear letters editor,

Without wanting to spoil anyone’e Christmas fun, I just wanted to point out that without a little care the festive season can be a time of heightened danger as well as celebration.

Piles of presents, naked flames, over-refreshment – together they can be a recipe for a tragedy. Fortunately the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has come up with some simple tips for keeping you and your loved ones safe.

They include making sure you buy toys for the correct age range and from reputable retailers; replacing those old decorative lights with newer, safer ones; and not leaving burning candles unattended.

There are lots of other sensible suggestions – including how to avoid trips and falls and a sadly still-necessary warning against drink driving – and you can find them all on RoSPA’s website.

Make your happy Christmas a safe one too by taking a quick look at

Syed Kamall, MEP for London

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