I was contacted by a constituent who took out a mortgage with the Spanish lender Banco Sabadell in 2005 with a cláusula suelo in place. However, the European Court of Justice and the Spanish Supreme Court have since ruled that cláusulas suelo are unlawful, meaning any bank that had offered a mortgage with a cláusula suelo must reimburse their customers who under this clause, paid more than was necessary. Since this ruling, my constituent has attempted to claim the money that he is entitled to back from Banco Sabadell but he claims that Banco Sabadell have neglected their responsibility to reimburse him. In order to receive the money that he is entitled to, my constituent must hire a lawyer.

Is the commission aware of Banco Sabadell’s refusal to reimburse customers who have taken out mortgages with a cláusula suelo?

What action does the commission plan to take against the Spanish authorities to ensure Banco Sabadell and other Spanish banks reimburse customers?”


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