Night time single fare for London

Is it time we had a single night time fare to “get you home” in London?

I was interested to read Ross Lydall’s piece about the London Night Time Commission’s propoing a so-called “Night Rider” fare allowing people to take journeys combining buses, tube and rail on one ticket.


The idea is to stimulate our great city’s night time economy by making it easier for people to get to where the action is – and back home safely and cheaply once the fun is over.


The Mayor has said he will consider the findings. In doing so. I suggest he pays a quick visit to Brussels – another city where I have spent a lot of my time.


They already have a version of this integrated ticketing system You pay one fare to travel where you like by bus, tram and underground – provided your last leg starts within an hour of your first.

There are also highly popular “White nights” when museums and galleries stay open late into the night.
London remains the greatest city in the world. Its cultural offering and night life are second to none, but that does not mean we cannot learn from the experiences of other cities too.



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