NHS Launches World-First Pilot for Ethical Adoption of AI in Healthcare

The NHS in England is embarking on a groundbreaking pilot program to ensure the ethical integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The pilot, focused on Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA), aims to address potential risks and biases in AI systems before they access NHS data. By engaging researchers, developers, patients, and healthcare professionals early in the process, the UK is striving to create an inclusive and patient-centered healthcare system.

Syed Kamall, Innovation Minister, said:

“While AI has great potential to transform health and care services, we must tackle biases, which have the potential to do further harm to some populations as part of our mission to eradicate health disparities.

Through this pilot, we hope to demonstrate the value of supporting developers to meaningfully engage with patients and healthcare professionals much earlier in the process of bringing an AI system to market.”

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