Dear Friends

These are exciting times.

We are entering a General Election. A fresh mandate will deliver clarity, certainty and momentum to our Brexit negotiations.

I will be continuing in my role of helping our country through the Brexit process. You`ll see me out on the campaign trail over the next few weeks as we fight for a Conservative victory.

I am optimistic about the outcome of negotiations and hope we can agree a deal that leads to a prosperous UK enjoying good relations with a prosperous EU.

My vision is that Britain remains outward looking and tolerant, but becomes a truly global trading nation, open for business with the whole world. In taking back control, we have fair immigration rules and are open to the best talent in the world, not just the EU.

I see a Britain renowned across the world as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, a country where science is valued, truly international cooperation is the bedrock of research, and technology drives our prosperity.

By becoming more than just another European Union country, by becoming a truly outward-looking global nation, we can become a beacon for open trade, tolerance and liberty.

Warm wishes,

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Warm wishes,

Syed Kamall MEP


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