If, like me, you think that your broadband connection is sometimes a little slow, you are not imagining things. A recent House of Lords report reveals that London suffers from a slower broadband service compared to other European capitals.

In fact, London has slumped to 26th place in the league of European capital broadband speeds. It takes three times as long to download a document in London than it does in Paris.

London does not perform well even within the UK, and was in an astonishing 38th place in the top 40 of British cities and towns.

London is one of the major communications hubs in the world, as well as being a leading global centre for financial services. If we want to maintain and enhance this status we need action. When the Mayor of London held a summit with major internet companies last summer, they agreed to set up an advisory group to promote super-fast connections across the capital. But we need the mayor, the Government and local authorities to work together with network suppliers to tear down the barriers to investment in faster services in London.

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