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Thanks to some great journalism and film-making, London and the world are waking up to the threat posed to the planet – and our own health – by plastic waste.

However, when we see images of mountains of plastic washed up on beaches thousands of miles away, or fish poisoned by microscopic micro-beads that have turned parts of the ocean into plastic soups, it is easy to think the whole problem is just too big to tackle. Or too far away.

The truth is that every little thing we can do as individuals will make a difference in tackling a global problem. And when we want to start cleaning up the planet the best place to start may be our own doorstep.

I was very impressed by the story of five-year-old Ava James who persuaded Pizza Express to ban plastic straws after writing to them saying they will make animals “sick”. It shows how our own little actions can have a big intact.

So I reckon that as Londoners, the best way we can look after the world’s oceans is to start without our own lifestyles, our own waste, our own waterways.

If we make sure we keep the Thames clean, perhaps the oceans will stand a chance too.




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