On Saturday 5th November, I was fortunate to be asked to speak at Kingston University for the first ever TEDx talk in Kingston on innovation, empowerment and inspiration. I wanted my speech to include all of those areas. 15 speakers, all with a connection to the Kingston area, took the stage during the day in the hope of inspiring other local people with their amazing stories, either on a personal or professional level. The message was we can all do more if we really want to.

I spoke about my background, living in North London as a child but the fact that my parents were always supportive and wanted more for me in my life. I have always had goals throughout my career and wanted to get the message across to the audience of the importance of goals. I believe you can achieve so much if you just set some clear short, medium and long-term goals, all building to the final end game. Failure is part of this process and something you should see as a positive and a way of learning as you build towards your dream.

To sum up my message it was this. When people say you can`t achieve something, they are lot talking about your limitations, they are talking about theirs, so knock the T off can’t and remember that actually you ‘can’!

TEDx filmed the speech on the day and I will be adding it to this page as soon as I get a link.

In the meantime, I want to thank TEDx for inviting me to an enjoyable event with an engaging audience, who I hope, I have inspired in some small way to keep building towards their dreams.

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