Few things are more personal than our smile. It is a window to our thoughts and and personality and sticks in the minds of those we meet. So imagine the plight of people who have their smile wrecked or stolen by the person they loved or trusted most.

In Canada, a network of dentists called restoring smiles provides free dental work for victims of domestic violence. They hope to not only fix the victim’s oral and facial pain, but also to restore their confidence

People who have been battered and bruised over the years lose their self-esteem.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a similar project here to help victims come out of a viscous cycle of abuse, neglect, poverty and ramifications such as poor oral and overall health? It not only empowers victims but gives them back their voices – and their smiles enabling them to become a survivor.

A wonderful charity called Believe, that was founded to help victims of domestic violence, is now investigating whether a Saving Smiles scheme could work here in London.

If you think you could help – especially if you are a dentist – I encourage you to get in touch and let us know at

Syed Kamall 

Conservative MEP for London

P.s: If you would like to read the original article found in the Kingston Guardian there is a preview below and a link to the story, just click the link below, Syed.


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