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Thank you for taking an interest in the friendly lending platform which I am developing in partnership with the Fredericks Foundation.

This to me is about Community Conservatism in action.

The platform will allow members of the public to tackle poverty directly by contributing towards small loans which allow entrepreneurs to lift themselves out of poverty.

Many people who are classed as in poverty want to get out of their circumstances but are prevented from doing so by a lack of access to finance. Many of the services you and I rely on are simply not available to them.

Friendly Lending instead crowdfunds loans for them. Each contributor puts in just a few pounds but combined with others, it turns into a loan which makes a real difference.

What’s better still, is that once it has helped one person that money is paid back and goes on to help the next person. You can choose who your contribution goes to at each stage.

I’m sure you agree it is far better when £50 goes to help 10 people for a lifetime, instead of just one person for a day?

Would you like to follow updates on the project? Can you help the project even? If you would like to do either please do leave your details below.

This way I’ll be able to keep you up to date with the project and also be able to talk to you about any skills you may have which could benefit everyone.

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