Crossrail 2: Transforming London’s transport, what’s your view?

Crossrail 2: Transforming London’s Transport

My letter to local media this week was about Crossrail 2 and how the project will alter London’s infrastructure landscape.

Standing by crossrail

Dear Sir,

As Crossrail prepares to open in 2018, now is the opportunity for readers to have their say on a new railway project that could affect peoples lives in this part of London for a generation.

The proposed new Crossrail 2 would run underground through London between Wimbledon and New Southgate/Tottenham Hale and link into the existing national rail network above ground for destinations in Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Crossrail 2 could bring jobs and vastly increased services to large parts of our city, helping us to move around for decades to come but there are also questions about where construction sites will be positioned, where station entrances should go, what the service levels should be and how the project will impact people’s homes living along the route.

If we get this right, Crossrail 2 could transform life in London for so many of us, so I urge everyone to take part in this next phase of the consultation and provide your feedback to the planners. Details of consultation meetings can be found at

Crossrail 2 is a proposed new railway serving London and the wider South East. It would connect the National Rail networks in Surrey and Hertfordshire via new tunnels and stations between Wimbledon, Tottenham Hale and New Southgate, linking in with London underground, London Overground, Crossrail 1, national and international rail services. It will add capacity to the regional rail network, cutting journey times across the South East. It will also support economic regeneration by providing the infrastructure needed to support 200,000 new homes and 200,000 new jobs.

Yours faithfully,

Syed Kamall, MEP for London

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