Conference – Brexit will allow Britain to define what it stands for

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Birmingham, September 30 2018,

Syed Kamall: Brexit will allow Britain to define what it stands for

Brexit is a opportunity for Britain to define what it stands for, London MEP Syed Kamall told the Conservative Party conference today.

Dr Kamall, the UK’s most senior MEP as co-chairman of the the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament, said it was an exciting moment in the nation’s history.

He said: “All the things that define us were never dependent on the EU. We are for free trade, we are for liberalising markets, we are for individual freedom.

“We are for a relationship with the European Union defined no longer by simply transposing EU rules, instead working together where it is in our mutual interest.

“In the 1970s we joined a European Economic Community sold by the political classes as mostly a trading relationship. Forty years later we leave a European project committed to political union.”

Dr Kamall stressed that Brexit was not just a defining moment for Britain, but also for the EU, pointing out that across Europe people were saying “enough is enough” and turning to non-mainstream parties.

He said: “I believe that we will be better off as good neighbours rather than uncommitted tenants.

“I believe that we have always seen a world beyond the EU.

“And I believe that we will emerge from Brexit with a deal that our nation will make a success of. With a more honest relationship with the EU. With a determination to build a truly Global Britain.”


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