This week for my local letter for London, I thought it would be useful to highlight a service which could help you track down pension pots which you could be missing out on.

Dear Sir,
People of working age are becoming increasingly aware of the need to build up up a pension pot for their retirement.  Government reforms have given many savers greater flexibility over their pension investments.
However, as you change jobs or move home during your working life you may find yourself unable to remember all the pension schemes you have been a member of.  It has been estimated that there is around £400 million in unclaimed pension savings.
But thanks to an initiative by the Department of Work Pensions (DWP), help is now just a click away.  The DWP has launched a website to help people more easily locate their lost pension savings at https://www.gov.uk/find-pension-contact-details
The DWP claims that its new service is simple to use and provides results immediately. Individuals enter their former employers’ details and are provided with contact details for pension schemes into which they may have paid.
We are all relieved when we find keys or specs that we have mislaid, but using this service to find a lost pension could make your retirement just that bit more comfortable.

Yours etc

Syed Kamall MEP (London)

Leader of the European Conservatives & Reformists (ECR) Group
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