Britain must seize opportunity to strike historic deal with USA

A few weeks ago, I went to Washington DC to talk trade.

My team and I felt very welcome and the trip was productive having talks with policymakers, officials and key influencers.

When it comes to trade with the US I think we have a lot of opportunities to look forward to. The US is very keen to do a deal with us and for it to be done quickly.

Sadly trade deals between the EU and other countries have at times taken many years. I’ve been a “trade investment geek” since studying trade in the 80’s and subsequently, teaching it in the 90’s. I have sat on the International Trade Committee for the European Parliament and have been involved in deals such as EU-Singapore. In that time, I’ve only seen one major deal actually be enforced. Brexit is a chance to change all of this.

As our country enters a new era, a US trade deal will be in all our interests.

A US deal should be relatively straight forward too. Of course we have differences of opinion but in many areas we share the same attitudes and approaches which provides for a very strong foundation for a deal to be done.

I look at this in much greater detail in my article published in Brexit Central which you can read by clicking here.

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