The Kitchen Table Charity Trust:
A great way to help small charities transform lives

Imagine if you have been on holiday or a business trip abroad and you have witnessed poverty and deprivation. You then come home and gather around your kitchen table with like minded people who want to tackle similar problems.

Perhaps you think you would like to start a small charity to help. Perhaps raise some money to provide clean running water? What happens if you can’t quite raise those funds or have a bigger idea? How do you raise the money?

This a problem for many people who have a genuinely good idea and the ability to solve it but just don`t have charity experience.

Well this is where the Kitchen Table Charity Trust comes in.

Every year we gather round John Humphrys’ kitchen table (John being the ‘mastermind’ behind this project!) and he serves us some of his homemade soup. We sit and agree which charities we will make a grant to to help those in need.

The charities we work with are small. Unlike the large charities, they don’t employ lobbyists, professional fundraisers or press officers. On a plus side almost every penny they spend goes to those in need, but they need a little extra help.

I think this is a great cause and one I am proud to be part of. These charities do a great work improving the lives of those in need and transforming lives.

One project we helped fund used the money to train midwives and birth attendants. I’m glad to say that in Hohoe, a small village in Ghana where this project took place, through the Kitchen Table Charity Trust funding and offering grants to these small scale charities; the lives of pregnant mothers and newborn children have been greatly improved.

I’m a part of this because I strongly believe in the work we do.

Whether it’s a project for accessible water or the local manufacturing of wheelchairs for less able children, almost every penny is spent on these projects to help and transform the lives of those in need, such as those in Hohoe, Ghana.

If you would like more information or how to get involved and donate to this brilliant cause there is a link to the website below.

Click here for more infomation

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