On Friday I conducted another of my Listening to London events in Charlton in Greenwich.

The aim, as always, was to give both sides of the arguement. For many people the same key issues come up over sovereignty, economy, immigration, trade deals, etc. As always, there are lots of questions and debates about those areas.

This time as I spoke in Greenwich, rather interestingly David Cameron was negotiating in Brussels, so we were all waiting to see if there would be a deal agreed while I presented.

The event was organised by the Charlton Parkside Community Hub at The Old Library at Charlton House. The audience was made up of people from all sorts of different political points of view.

I think sometimes people feel bombarded by opinions on all sides of the debate and what they really want to hear are some facts and balanced assessment – and for someone to hear them.

Shortly after the event finished I asked for three members of the audience to come and sit down and have a chat with me. I asked for one person who had already decided they wanted to leave, another who had decided to stay and another who was undecided.


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