Syed Kamall Promotes Intergenerational Unity through Music at Creating Change Together Conference

Syed Kamall joined the Creating Change Together conference to support the work of Intergenerational Music Making (IMM). As part of the conference, a choir consisting of Woking schoolchildren and care home residents, who participate in IMM’s activities, performed at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. IMM, founded by Charlotte Miller, aims to strengthen communities and enhance societal systems through the joy of music and intergenerational connections.

Syed Kamall emphasized the power of music in connecting generations and improving well-being, highlighting the importance of intergenerational unity in building a resilient society. He said

“As an amateur musician, I know that there is no better feeling than playing live and connecting with your audience.

“Music tugs at our heartstrings and touches our soul, with the power to bring generations together and improve our wellbeing.”

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