My address to conference today on the main stage was a chance to talk to the party about the future of the UK and the EU.

I made the point that as a united party, behind a strong leader, we can move forward post Brexit to deliver a bright future for Britain. We need to listen to the British people who spoke clearly in the referendum in June.

Our new Conservative Prime Minister is now working hard on preparations to take on the challenges of Brexit.

There was shock in Brussels but also we must not forget that there was also the discontentment within the EU too. Concern about the future direction of tye EU goes far beyond our shores.

In my speech I also explained how proud I am too lead the ECR Group with its 74 MEPs from 18 different countries. We work every day to ensure voters get a better deal by creating a Europe that does less, but does it better. When the group was set up, the EU federalists predicted we would fail but only 5 years later, we’ve become one of the 3 main groups in the European Parliament with governing parties in 5 EU countries.

I talked about how outside the walls of the European Parliament and the European Commission, the calls for change and reform have grown louder and they need to be heard.

I know that even without British Conservatives, the ECR Group will continue that fight and go from strength to strength. We want a good deal for Britain, the EU and one that works for everyone. It is in everyones interest that we go from reluctant tenants to good neighbours with the EU, working together to create jobs and sell products.

I think we will look back on Brexit and see that moment as a turning point. The moment Britain called time on an ambiguous relationship with the EU and we both became willing partners where Britain not only survives but a Great Britain that thrived.

You can see my whole speech below.
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