David Cameron set out a list of reforms in a letter yesterday, reforms which Britain wants to see from the EU.

It’s a list of key areas which we as a nation are concerned about as we head towards our referendum on whether to stay part of the EU or leave.

Of course this process is about much more than just one letter. This is just part of a conversation that we are having as a nation. Do we want to commit to “ever closer union”? Do we want to close ranks in a globalised world, or take a more open approach?

To see my reaction to our Prime Minister’s letter, have a look at this article on the ECR Group website.


Over the coming months I am going to be speaking widely on the question of whether the EU is good for us. After ten years, I’ve seen the good and the bad.

I hope you’ll join me in some frank discussions about what we need and want as a nation so that we all feel we are making the right decision when we finally come to cast our vote

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