Earlier this year I invited a group of journalists from different communities to Brussels to talk about Brexit.

During the visit, I did an interview with Syed Nahas Pasha, editor of Curry Life Magazine about what Brexit means for different people. We talked about why I supported leave. They also wanted to now about the time it would take to complete negotiations after Article 50 was invoked and what was likely to happen. I explained the process and also that despite some inevitable twists and turns we would be leaving by 2019.

An area of concern to Curry Life readers was also around immigration and developing a new, fairer policy in that area. Some readers of Curry Life say they are experiencing some real problems with finding quality trained staff for the industry. It’s important we hear these sorts of concerns so we can find the best solutions as we move into this new era as a country.

You can read the full interview on page 24 of Curry Life magazine by clicking here.

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