Engaging diverse communities.


If you were reading Conservative Home earlier this week, you’ll have seen my article urging our party to reach out to a wider range of voters.

Despite our best efforts, we have struggled to reach the BME community. I dislike lumping together a diverse range of communities under the term “BME” but it seems to be in such common use that I’ll use it here for brevity.

This question of why people who seem to agree with us still vote for other parties is something which has concerned me greatly over the years. Last year in order to start finding some answers I organised a conference.

I wanted to host an event which was both honest but practical. I can’t thank the attendees enough for what proved to be a frank but hugely encouraging event.

I don’t know how many different backgrounds and communities were represented but there were many. Just look at the photos below.

Following the event, I produced a report on the key findings.

If you are as passionate about the future of our party as I am, I would really value it if you could take a few moments to read the report and give me your feedback.

What I really want to do is to start establishing some best practise which we can all use to reach out more.

I think there are a lot of great ideas in this document but I also want to know what ideas you have been using in your area whether it is London or across the whole of the country.

Here is a link (PDF) – BME-PRINT-A4

You can email me your ideas via my office at rachel@syedkamall.com

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