Discussing the vital topic of ‘Data Flows’

Data flows are the life blood of tech and they are one of the most important issues concerning the tech sector at present.

The European data economy is expected to be worth €739 billion by 2020 and the free flow of information is essential for both the future prosperity of EU firms and those outside.

The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union has put the issue of data flows under the political microscope, and this is an opportunity to talk about possible solutions, the future of data flows and international agreements, particularly in light of the implementation of the new GDPR.

Firms across the continent of Europe and across the world are looking to us to provide a clear message to allow them to develop for the future.

So what are the solutions? What can and should we learn from past issues and past agreements, in order to ensure citizens within the EU and beyond, can benefit from the rapid innovation that technology offers us.

Along with TechUK I recently hosted an event in Brussels to discuss what we can do about it.

We all know there are challenges so what now are the solutions?

To watch a brief summary video click here

To watch the full discussion, click the link below…..


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