I have always believed that the Conservative Party should be about much more than just electing Conservatives to run our country or our local councils.

Conservatism is a way of approaching life, of giving everyone the opportunity to better themselves.

It’s about rolling back the state – where it traps individuals and communities – of getting out of the way so that innovation and ideas can flourish but we must also remember that some people are not the “rational economic agents” from the text books. There will always be people who need help and support. But, that is not an “un-Conservative” thing to say. In fact it is a very Conservative thing to say.

I’m not talking about trickle down state-intervention or throwing money at people as the left would do, I’m talking about the Conservative belief in individuals helping themselves and each other.

Conservatism is about getting the best out of ourselves, looking after our family, friends and neighbours, and helping them to take advantage of the opportunities a Conservative government offers.

We can’t just say Conservatism offers people opportunity, we must go out there and demonstrate it.

In my article for ConHome this month I argue the case for why I believe it is time we all got more ‘hands on’.


Syed Kamall ConHome

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