Who is Friendly Lending For?

I just wanted to clarify who friendly lending is for after a very good point made on LinkedIn.
Friendly Lending is not about helping entrepreneurs who have access to finance, education and contacts create successful businesses. There is already much in the field to help these entrepreneurs. Instead, Friendly Lending is specifically targeting those people who are financially excluded and live in our more deprived communities in the UK.
Throughout the last couple of years I have met with many amazing entrepreneurs who have been denied finance to get their ideas off the ground purely because of their circumstances. They have, however, fantastic ideas and the determination to bring them to fruition. Currently, there is not much in the market to help these people borrow money to get their ideas off the ground leaving them reliant on working for others. Sadly, their lifestyles may not accommodate a normal job and therefore by providing access to finance we can not only give them a business opportunity to be able to remove themselves out of poverty, but also to bring new job opportunities in their communities, helping others to achieve the same.

So, I want to open up the possibilities to all and I hope everyone who has tasted business success will be ready and willing to help these people come with us.


There is so much I think we can achieve through friendly lending.





Photo credit: Michael Longmire on Unsplash

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