Scooter theft and crimes in London 2017

Scooter theft and crime 2017

Crime involving 2 wheeled vehicles have soared more than 300% in the past year.

Do you ride a scooter? They are hugely practical, take up much less space than cars, don’t get stuck in traffic jams and with shorter journeys, mean their engines are running for much less time than vehicles stuck in London’s traffic. So, they are very popular with many Londoners but sadly thefts of scooters have also rocketed by nearly 30% over the past year.

Not only does that leave people out of pocket but also these stolen scooters are often being used to commit additional crimes.

The number reported crimes involving 2-wheeled vehicles has also “rocketed” over the past year by more than a staggering 300%. The scooter is becoming a method of choice for petty crimes. 90% of which are snatch and grabs of mobile phones, many from people as they walk along the street.

We all need to be careful protecting our possessions but also I want to see more done in London.

Having spoken to scooter riders, including a member of my staff, I believe more can be done by manufacturers to provide alarms and more disabling devices. Where possible,  let’s see rails for scooters being installed or motorcycle bays set up by existing rails to allow them to be chained securely. Every extra deterrent will be one less scooter stolen and potentially one less additional crime too.

You can read more about the latest crime stats here

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