Press Release – 2nd Brexit Survey

My second Brexit survey is live and this week I have been telling Londoners across our city about the reasons behind the survey.

You’ll find below a press release I sent out to newspaper across London.

To take part in the survey click here



Syed Kamall: So what does Brexit mean to you?

London MEP Syed Kamall is running a survey to capture the public’s opinions on Brexit.

Having first tested opinion in the aftermath on the referendum, the leading Conservative politician now wants want to hear what people think as negotiations continue in Brussels.

He will share the results with members of the government and the negotiating team.

Dr Kamall said: “As I speak to voters, I realise that while they may not agree on everything, they want more than anything to feel their voice is heard.

“By taking a minute or two to complete this survey, they can let me and other politicians know where they stand on the key issues.

“Do they feel the same way as they did when they voted in the referendum? What do they think of the UK’s and the EU’s negotiating positions?

“Will Brexit affect them personally, or their work? And are they pessimistic or optimistic about our future?”

To take part in the survey please go to

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