parliamentary question on coptic christians

Recent killings and attacks on Coptic Christians, led me to want to take on constituents parliamentary question

I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned about the recent killings and violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt.

My constituents are concerned that the Egyptian government is not fulfilling its duty to protect Coptic Christians and other religious minorities from violence. My constituents tell me that after the recent attack on a tour bus by Daesh during which 28 people were killed, Amnesty International reported that, “The [Egyptian] government has failed to take action to protect Christians in North Sinai who have increasingly faced kidnapping and assassinations by armed groups over the past three years.”

Can the High Representative please confirm if:

  1. The treatment and murder of Coptic Christians has been raised with the Egyptian government?
  2. What action the High Representative is taking or plans to take with the Egyptian government to address this situation?

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