My role in the Brexit process

Within days of this year’s General Election result, we will be entering talks to leave the EU. After article 50 was invoked earlier this year, the process will now get formally underway.

We’ve heard a lot of debate since last year’s referendum but now is the time for the serious work to begin.

A lot of this will take place behind closed doors in both Whitehall and at the European Commission in Brussels. There will also be lots of discussions between national governments.

A lot will also be said publically with claim and counter claim. At times, it could get quite heated, but that’s all part of negotiating.

The most important thing for all the people who are tackling the fine detail behind closed doors, will be to remain calm and focused on delivering the best deal for all sides.

I have been an MEP for more than a decade and as the most senior elected Brit in the European Parliament, one of my roles during the will be to act as a bridge between London and Brussels. I know many of the people involved on the EU’s side personally and as a Brit and as a London MEP, I will be helping to ensure that everyone sticks to the facts and ensure that misunderstandings are quickly addressed.

I will be talking to figures on all sides in the corridors and offices of London and Brussels to ensure we get the best deal we can.

The Brexit process is just too important for the EU and the UK to get wrong. Businesses and voters across the UK and the European Union are looking to politicians to get this deal right.

I believe Brexit is a huge opportunity for the UK. Let’s get on with it.

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