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Syed Kamall MEP for London gives Makers Academy Graduation speech

The energy and vitality of London’s tech scene is seen in London Tech Week

There can be no doubt about the strength and energy of London’s tech scene as London Tech Week kicks off.

You can find a list of events and the week’s own TV station too  on the official website at

As part of my role as a TechUK advisor on Brexit, I am talking to technology firms all the time because I believe that tech firms and technology will be crucial to our future economy. London is the hotbed of tech talent in this country.

It is tremendously exciting therefore to see the effort being put into a week like this, as it shows how many opportunities there are in this sector.

Earlier this year I gave a talk to students departing the Makers Academy coding boot camp, pointing out that for students, it is about much more than just them learning new skills. It is about learning skills which will help us all, whether it is by building the next world-changing app that helps tackle poverty, or by simply building games which we can enjoy in the evening.

So, if you are into tech or believe in how important tech entrepreneurs and businesses are to London and to the whole country’s future, then have a look at some of the events going on this week in the link and try to head along to one.

I’d be really interested to hear what you find. Feel free to post on my Facebook page or on my Twitter feed.

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