Live Brexit Q&A – Thank you for joining me.

Can I thank everyone for a fascinating “Brexit Live” broadcast two weeks ago.

Thank you to everyone who took part and made a comment or asked a question.

You will find a list of the questions I covered below the recording.

Brexit Live Questions

I am 17 years old. How will Brexit affect me if I want to go to France to learn to cook French food? Do I have need a visa? How will the UK be ‘strong’ by 2019?

I have a British passport and I am a British Citizen. I can travel to Europe and other non-EU countries. How would leaving the EU affect my travelling outside the UK to other European countries? Will this mean that I will have to apply for a new passport?

Would the Germans stop selling Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, Skoda, Bosch, and Siemens, to the UK? Or Lidl, Aldi stop investing in Supermarkets? Or French wine, Belgian chocolates, Spanish Satsuma’s etc

Remainers seem to think the UK sells to the EU as a favour and the EU has not or does not need to sell to U.K.?

In the referendum we democratically voted to leave the EU. My question is why are we messing about negotiating various deals? We want to leave completely and self-govern.

Do you believe that the EU really is determined to ‘punish’ the UK for Brexit or will they eventually take a more pragmatic and reasonable approach to the negotiations, i.e. One that benefits all of us?

I assume that you favour a fairly open immigration policy. If so, would you agree that the UK should not discriminate (as it currently does) against immigrants from outside the EU?

Scaremongers are saying if we leave the EU, we won’t have co-operation between our NHS and European medical care.But as Britain’s medical care is some of worst in Europe, and we lag behind rest of EU in survival rates for cancer, heart problems, etc. will Brexit make a difference,? If so, as medicine is international, why can’t we use Brexit to re-think co-operation between EU nations in exchanging medical matters? And in the process make NHS look to Europe to improve our medical care?

How long do you think the EU is going to last now

The British Pound getting weaker and weaker. I believe by end of the year the Euro will be stronger than GBP. Do you have Plan B dealing with this situation?

In the financial times they highlighted about 750 trade agreements the EU has with third countries. I was wondering what our trade arrangements will be with those countries with which the EU already has trade agreements and regulatory agreements? Is there some international rules/conventions in which these trade agreements continue?

Syed, voting for Brexit was like buying a house without even seeing the artists’ impression, and without the lawyers’ terms and the cost! I think none of the questions can be answered.  However, you know the influencers in Brussels better than David, Boris and Theresa.  You know them as people over the time you have served in Brussels. What can you do over and above the Westminster politicians to ensure Brexit is smooth?  Smooth in aspects of immigration, trade, law, human rights.  It is difficult for us in our 50’s, as we will just suffer from the uncertainty in our last days of employment, and may not gain, in business, when the dust settles. Many thanks.

The EU is insisting that we pay them this massive divorce payment. But the assets that they own come from our contribution and this never get mentioned. Surely we must own a big share from it?

I’m from Trinidad and support Brexit as it will allow for more direct trade between the UK and the Commonwealth you think this would be possible?

How can we retain financial clearing (houses) in the UK after Brexit?

Do Paris and Frankfurt pose a real threat to the City of London as new financial centres when Britain leaves the European Union?

Why are they not providing a costed paper on the divorce settlement figure?

You can watch the full version of the Facebook Live here.



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