Kamall welcomes crackdown on internet “Del Boys”

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Brussels, November 29 2017
Kamall welcomes crackdown on internet “Del Boys”

Londoners will be able to shop online with greater confidence this Christmas following a crackdown on fake goods, leading MEP Syed Kamall said today.

The Conservative MEP for London said the success of voluntary action against counterfeiting by major sales platforms showed that EU legislation was not always the answer.

He welcomed figures published today by the European Commission on the performance of its voluntary agreements with online platforms such as Amazon.

They show that in May and June 2017 platforms, on their own initiative, took down 97.4 per cent of listings which allegedly infringed copyright – up from 86.3 per cent in November and December 2016.

Dr Kamall said: “Londoners don’t want online shopping made any more complicated – especially in the run up to Christmas. But they do want to be as sure as they can that they are buying genuine goods and not a cheap fake or clever replica.

“The European Parliament took a look at the problem earlier this year,  but instead of using a light touch, MEPs proposed a heavy-handed system of regulation that would make life more difficult for everyone – especially consumers.

“The regime would hamper new companies starting to sell online, which would reduce consumer choice and play into the hands of the existing big market leaders.
 “Now we see that a voluntary code is working. Removal rates have increased so fewer fake watches, sports goods and electrical items are being sold online in the big market places.
“Londoners may have a soft spot for Del Boy when they see him on telly, but they they don’t really want to shop with his online equivalent.”


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