Kamall:  Corbyn wants a Fortress Europe not a Global Britain

Kamall:  Corbyn wants a Fortress Europe not a Global Britain

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning laying out Labour’s plans to remain in a customs union with the EU, Syed Kamall MEP, Conservative MEP for London, said: “Under Corbyn’s masterplan we would be unable to sign trade deals with other countries and be unable to tear down European protectionist barriers that keep out goods and services from poorer countries.”
“We would be forced to keep an immigration system which gives priority to mostly white EU nationals, but biased against mostly non-white non-EU nationals.”
“I care passionately about fair immigration and about fighting poverty. I want Britain and the world’s poorer countries to benefit from the advantages that lower trade barriers can deliver.”
“He clearly wants London to remain part of a fortress Europe, not be the capital of a Global Britain.
“We must ignore the siren voices of Corbyn and others and make sure we pursue the best trade-deal possible with the EU – while seeking to create a fairer immigration system and tearing down barriers to trade with poorer countries.”
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