Question:  What are my views on animal testing?
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Question: Why the delay in implementing Article 50 and when should it be triggered?
Answer: Before any negotiations, it is important that both sides prepare their negotiating positions, what they will ask for and any red lines. Once this is done we can trigger Article 50.


Question: How does the does the ECR group (which I am chairman of) promote access to water and sanitation?
Answer: The ECR Group has always put water and sanitation at the forefront of its development priorities and will continue to do so in the years to come. We will continue to focus in our development policies on achieving universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water.


Question: How does Syed help protect women from violence?
Answer: I am currently working with Pauline Fynn and the Believe campaign that supports survivors of stalking, harassment, and domestic violence.

EU – How it works

Question: Why does the EU not get its budget approved by auditors?
Answer: In fact this is a myth but everything is not perfect. Click the button for more.
Question: Why does the European Parliament sit in both Brussels and Strasbourg?
Answer: Unfortunately, it is indeed the case that currently the European Parliament has multiple seats and therefore once a month it relocates from Brussels to Strasbourg for a single week. This is estimated to have a monetary cost of €180m and produces 19,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.


Question: Will CETA benefit the UK?
Answer: Canada is one of the world’s most developed economies and therefore creates major opportunities across all areas of the UK economy.


Question: Can Syrian refugees come to Britain?
Answer: There are a number of different options available to refugees fleeing conflict, such as the Gateway Protection Programme and the Syrian Vulnerable Person’s Relocation Scheme.
Question: How can we improve the situation in Calais?
Answer: The Calais migrant camp shows us all the extent of the problem of migration and the forces behind it. Ultimately the solution must be to find an answer to the question of the EU’s external borders