At 11am CET (10am UK) 20th April 2016 we hope to be streaming live from the EU Blockchain Expo.

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Virtual currencies and Blockchain: A first event of it’s kind

* World`s top institutions come together in Brussels to talk about regulating the future of online currencies.
* Hosted by the leader of the third largest group in the European Parliament and passionate technology advocate, Syed Kamall MEP for London and the Cobden Centre in association with EDCAB, the European Digital Currency and Blockchain technology forum
* Join me for my opening address on my `live feed` from the event planned for 11am CET (10am UK) on Wednesday 20th April.


Bitcoin, virtual currencies and blockchain. They are all words creating a buzz around the world. Could Bitcoin or other virtual currencies be the future of money? Can blockchain provide the technology that could run financial transactions worldwide in an efficient and highly secure way? But also, what are the problems and how should governments regulate these new technologies?

For the first time, major institutions, including World Bank, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, OECD, Europol, the United Nations (UNICRI), ESMA and the Bank of England will come together to discuss virtual currencies and blockchain technology. They will be joined by entrepreneurs, startups, established technology companies and leading academics.

The discussions will be taking place right in the heart of the EU in Brussels, giving MEPs and key officials a chance to hear for themselves the discussions taking place and learn about the questions they will need to consider.

The event is hosted by Syed Kamall, MEP for London, a passionate technology advocate and the Cobden Centre whose goal, among other things, is to education people about economic political science. The event is being run in association with the EDCAB, the European Digital Currency and Blockchain technology forum.


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