Engage London Photos Part 2

Last year I hosted an event about the role of London’s diverse communities in the Conservative Party. September saw the event, which gathered a massive response, pack out a room and demonstrate how many communities want to engage with the party.

The response to the discussions was incredible too. I had originally intended to release a report within a few weeks of the event but the amount of feedback made it impossible.

I have finally had a chance to compile all the information and I will be sharing the detailed report with associations. Please do speak to your local association in a few weeks to see a copy of that.

In the meantime, I wanted to make something which could be easily skimmed through available and so I’ll be releasing a shorter version of the report very soon. If you would like a copy then follow http://syedkamall.co.uk/engagereport/

In the meantime here are some photos from the event.


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