The ECR Global Poverty Summit

The ECR Global Poverty Summit, taking place in London on 26th January, is the definitive forum for local non-state organisations challenging the notion that only top-down state solutions can alleviate global poverty.

The ECR Global Poverty Summit, chaired by ECR Group co-Chairman Syed Kamall MEP, will bring together some of the world’s most prominent figures in this area, with the sole aim of generating a report comprising action steps community organisations, philanthropists and others can use to tackle poverty today in Europe and globally.

The European Union, as well as governments around the world, have poured billions of dollars into foreign aid, and yet we still face a serious problem. In 2015, it was estimated that 17.3% of the EU population were at risk of poverty (source: European Parliament) and in the UK 7.3% of the population are classified as experiencing persistent poverty (source: ONS).

Among the agenda items:

  • Poverty: The reality and hidden causes;
  • Policy-based poverty solutions, and
  • How non-state actors and local communities can tackle poverty.

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