Can Syrian refugees come to Britain?

I received a letter asking which options were open to a Syrian refugee family hoping to come to the UK. The author of the letter asked about the EU Relocation Scheme and whether they would be able to use that? I hope you find some of these links useful in understanding what is possible under the current rules.

The UK is not part of the EU relocation scheme, but has two schemes for relocating Syrian refugees:
1. Gateway Protection Programme; and
2. Syrian Vulnerable Person’s Relocation Scheme

More details can be found here:

Local councils have been asking residents who would be willing to accommodate refugees. Do you know anyone who would be willing to host them? If so, can I suggest you contact both your local council or Refugees Welcome (which is an AirBnB for refugees in the UK) to ask them how you can bring the Al-Sheikh family to the UK?

More information on Refugees Welcome UK can be found here: