“Brexit allows us to rethink the nature of the British state, rebooting the delivery of public services through new technologies and new models of governance”

This was my message in my article with Daniel Korski today, which has appeared in CITYAM.

We have a unique opportunity to transform our country with Brexit. Whether you voted leave or remain, we are beginning a process of re-examining our laws and rules, and so it also presents us with a chance to re-write the rule book.

Number 10, the Cabinet office and Dexeu are all focused on the negotiations and I understand that but they need to be thinking about the future too.

We also need tech firms to take a lead. It’s not government but entrepreneurs who can find the solutions to the problems our country will face in the future and we need them to come forward.

I hear a lot of complaints about what Brexit “could” mean, but that is not going to help anyone. What we need to be doing is thinking about how to solve those concerns with technology. I believe tech can make a huge impact in this process and transition. It is entrepreneurs who will find many of the answers as it is entrepreneurs who find opportunity in “disruption”.

So, no one can just sit back in this process. No one can rely on the other to find the solutions. We can’t just sit in a state of suspended animation. We all need to do what we are best at.

To read more about Daniel Korski and my thoughts, have a look at CITYAM today via this link


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