Brexit negotiations begin – My thoughts as ECR Group Chairman

Brexit negotiations are getting underway today. This is the start of the process which to deliver a deal which will allow us to no longer be reluctant tenants within Europe and instead enthusiastic neighbours with the countries remaining within the EU.

Today as chair of ECR Group (the European Conservatives and Reformists Group) with the European Parliament I released the following statement. You can also find out more about my role in the upcoming talks at this post here (open in a new website tab).

Brexit negotiations begin

“The start of negotiations today is important for both the UK and the EU. A calm, constructive, and cooperative approach to talks is what will bring about the most progress in the coming weeks and months.

“At the heart of these negotiations are people’s lives and livelihoods, and that is why a bad deal for one side will also be a bad deal for the other. We should aim for an arrangement that safeguards trade and allows continued co-operation in key areas of mutual interest for our security and economies. We may not be members of the same club once the UK leaves the EU, but we will remain neighbours and allies.

“Hopefully Brexit negotiations will benefit all of the EU, by allowing the EU to reflect upon its own future direction and relationships. The ECR Group will remain a leading voice in the bringing about this change and reform in Brussels.

“As Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group and a UK Conservative MEP I will do all I can to help secure a fair agreement, acting as a bridge between key individuals in Brussels and the UK Government, and I am confident of a future in which both the UK and the EU thrive as close friends.”

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