My appearance in the Evening Standard

If you saw the Evening Standard Evening Standard today then yes I do think we need to have a serious discussion about whether a separate London party is needed.

The simple fact is we seem to be losing ground in London to Labour despite Labour letting down it’s own supporters and the Conservatives having policies which would actually help our city. So, we have to ask why?

There are so many Conservatives working so hard across London to push the Conservative cause but they are finding that the messages that work on a national level just aren’t working in London.

I believe that we need a grassroots revival in our party as it is, because only you understand what the issues are on your street. I believe a flexible party structure can cope well with this but when it comes to a huge collection of people, like a city with very different needs, we have to ask the question does the party machine still work when we are losing ground?

I’ll be writing more about this soon.

In the meantime Conservatives across London and I are pushing hard to re-engage with our city.

I have already held an event about engaging with people from London’s diverse communities and it was packed to the rafters.  Many participants told me they wanted to see a more autonomous London party.  I’ll be holding another event about reaching London’s youth very soon too.
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