A cleaner more environmentally friendly London

My letter to newspapers across London this week…….



Dear Sir or Madam,

The Combined Authority responsible for West Yorkshire’s public transport met recently to consider ways of cutting road pollution and encouraging the use of more  environmentally sustainable fuels.

A highly ambitious and imaginative set of options included fleets of buses powered by hydrogen, and more and better charging points for electric vehicles.

They also propose so-called “hyperhubs” – large refuelling stations for different alternative fuels to serve larger vehicles.

The far-sighted planners involved point out that if we are to see this kind of clean transport in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield in 15 or 20 years’ time, we need to start talking about it now.

It prompts me to ask what is being done here in London to prepare for this cleaner, quieter, healthier future?

Surely a global city such as ours should be at the vanguard of progress in an area as important as this. And particularly given the
pollution problems we currently face.

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