1 in 10 new jobs are tech jobs in London – Bloomberg

1 in 10 new jobs in the UK are tech jobs

Anyone who says tech firms and the tech economy don`t matter should look at the figures. According to Bloomberg 1 in 10 new jobs in the UK are tech jobs, with 44 of the top 50 hardest to fill on one website, all being in “tech”.

It’s clear that technology firms see London as the place to be and as having a very bright future but we have to upskill as a city if we want to take advantage of this.

Tech offers us an incredible opportunity for our economy. As a world leading tech city we will be able to not just command the best jobs and benefit from the tax revenue of the firms who base themselves here, but also become world leaders in tech thought, design and production, drawing the world’s best minds to the UK to work.

1 in 10 new UK jobs are tech jobs. It’s time to get prepared.

Firms like Apple, Google, Slack and Snapchat all see London’s potential and are basing themselves here. We need now to deliver and we can!

We need to get everyone thinking about tech and train the coders of the future. We also need to reskill those whose jobs may be at risk due to disruptive technology. There is so much demand for employees in the sector that age is not a factor when it comes to tech. The market is crying out for people.

I believe tech provides us with an incredible opportunity. It is for this reason that I am a TechUK Brexit Advisor and support coding clubs and organisations like Makers Academy.

Just search online for coding clubs, or some of the many free online courses and if you can help our city power it’s tech future, then please do.

To see the full article from Bloomberg on tech jobs click here

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